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“At any moment, the decision you make can change the course of your life forever.”

This is a powerful quote and one that I think of daily. It doesn't matter what your past is, you can change your future any time. A lifechanging moment came for Michael and I in March of 2019. Some of you have heard the story about the start of our real estate journey, but many of you have not. It's far from being the glamor depicted on HGTV the majority of the time. Luck is not what got us to where we are; it was hard work, determination, grit and sheer willpower. Over the next 17 days we will be sharing part of our journey including the WHY we do what we do and the HOW.

Back to March 2019... I had just become an attending emergency medicine physician that year and we were looking at ways to start securing our financial future now that we had two small kids. We were dabbling in cryptocurrency and adding into the traditional 401, but we felt we could do more. Michael read "Rich Dad Poor Dad," which is a gateway eye-opening book for many people, including us. I had already been thinking about real estate investing, but this sealed the deal. Right after I finished the book, I made a decision that very day that would change the course of our future. I signed us up for a three day intensive real estate investing course. I was working 5pm-2am, breastfeeding overnight, and waking up to drive to the three day class from 8-430pm. I was beyond exhausted by the end of that long weekend, but more determined than ever to land our first deal.

Stay tuned tomorrow to learn about our first (nightmare) deal.

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