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My family. my why.

Today I am going to pause the real estate chronological story to honor Éden’s baptism.

This morning, surrounded by friends and family, Éden Parker Duguet was sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever during his baptism. Both his older brother and sister were also baptized here at my childhood church.

“In Holy Baptism our gracious Heavenly Father liberates us from sin and death by joining us to the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are born children of a fallen humanity; in the waters of Baptism we are reborn children of God and inheritors of eternal life. By water and the Holy Spirit we are made members of the Church which is the body of Christ. As we love with him and with his people, we grow in faith, love, and obedience to the will of God.”

I thank my own Father for all he has done to raise me and show me how to be a hardworking person. I thank my Father-in-law for raising such a good man who is now my husband and also for coming from France to witness Éden’s baptism today. And I am thankful for our Holy Father for allowing me to be Éden’s mother. I love our sweet Éden with all my heart.

My family is my WHY. My family is the reason I am so determined to succeed in life. My family is WHY I try to set an example of hard work and dedication. My family is WHY I invest in real estate and the whole reason we are in MIH and in this journey in the first place.

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