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"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."

With 22 apartments owned, renovated and rented we realized we were starting to reach a ceiling. Up until this point, Michael and I had been doing EVERYTHING ourselves in our real estate investing. I had literally read / listened to over 100 different books, gone to meetups, targeted our market, sent out direct mail campaigns, negotiated with sellers, closed all the properties our own with moonlighting shift money from my W2 physician job and income from the rentals, learned how to rehab properties ourselves and sifted through the turnover of contractors, set up systems for getting renters, dealt with the middle of the night phone calls from those tenants, and worked through the refinance process with the banks. We had three young children under 5 years old and wanted to use our time as wisely as possible. We realized that in order to continue the velocity of growth we wanted, we could NOT do EVERYTHING on our own anymore. We needed a group of other people who were doing the same thing we were doing to take us to the next level.

Cue finding the MIH (Make it Happen) Mastermind. It's a group of 150 high level real estate investors all with a common goal of accelerating their wealth by investing in multifamily apartment properties to provide safe housing across the US. Doctors, lawyers, engineers and dozens of people who have transitioned from their W2 to full time real estate investing. When we joined I had no idea how lifechanging this group was going to be for us. Within several months of networking we already met and formed connections leading us to our first partnership deal. Two months ago we closed on our first out-of-state multifamily property in Indianapolis, IN. We have zeroed in on our goals for this year and have been taking more key action steps to get to the next level!

"Your network is your net worth!" Surround yourself with high achievers!

Disclaimer: this is not a sell for the group, it's fully booked and you have to be actively investing already to even get in anyway. It's a post about the power of networking and leveling up!

Pic below of our 1st partnership deal.

Reach out to me with any questions you have about getting into the real estate investing game. I have nothing to sell you, I am just passionate about real estate. If we can go from our first $2,500 property to a $1,000,000 refi in 3 years while working OVER fulltime at my W2 with 3 young kids, you can too with the right MINDSET, AMBITION & GRIT. I am sure anyone in MIH would take some time to network with you as well!

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